Law & Criminology

Every industry is impacted and influenced by the field of law and criminology in some way. A common misconception is that you must be a legal expert to navigate the legalities of your industry. Using these articles, tips, and how-to guides from the Northeastern community, you can learn to apply your legal knowledge into real-world situations that affect your industry on a daily basis.

December 26, 2023

5 Tips for Choosing Your DLP Dissertation Topic

Kimberly Larson, director of Northeastern's Doctor of Law and Policy program, shares her advice for students when choosing a dissertation topic.


January 24, 2023

How to Get Hands-On Experience in Law & Public Policy

Professor and policymaker JD LaRock discusses the exciting hands-on learning experiences available to Northeastern Doctor of Law and Policy students.


September 30, 2020

Laws and Regulations Every HR Professional Should Know

All human resources professionals should be familiar with these HR laws and regulations to protect their organizations and employees.


January 9, 2020

Military Disability Cases Offer New Perspective on Compensation for Discrimination

Read an exerpt from a Northeastern Doctor of Law and Policy student's thesis which examines discrimination in the military and current compensation models.


November 26, 2019

What Is Data Privacy?

Learn more about data privacy laws and how organizations can prepare for the future of data privacy to meet emerging regulatory changes.


May 28, 2019

Working in the Compliance Industry: What You Need to Know

Looking for a job in the compliance industry? Here’s what you need to know about the skills that are in demand and the regulations that matter most.


May 2, 2019

Is a Law Degree Worth It? 3 Factors to Consider

Uncover the core differences between the JD, LLM, and MLS degrees, and the 3 factors you should consider when choosing which is right for you.


June 29, 2018

Use These 9 Free Legal Templates to Protect Your Business

Virtually everyone needs to have at least a basic understanding of the law, but not all businesses can afford legal counsel. Here are templates every business owner can leverage, as well as common pitfalls to avoid.


June 5, 2018

Healthcare Law: Navigating Our Complex System

Josh Abrams, adjunct professor at Northeastern University's School of Law, outlines the fundamentals of healthcare law in the U.S.


May 24, 2018

Common Legal Terms All Non-Lawyers Should Know

Explore the most common legal terms every non-lawyer professional should know to be more effective in his or her role.