Political Science & Security

The world has never been more connected by commerce or diplomacy than it is now.  With this strengthened connection comes a great deal of opportunity for better, faster, and more effective trade and cooperation worldwide. Careers in political science and security bridge the gap between nations to deliver peace and prosperity. Below, the Northeastern community has highlighted common questions and issues associated with these unique careers through articles, tips, and how-to guides.

March 20, 2019

The Future of Disaster Preparedness & Job Opportunities

Dan Murphy, adjunct professor for Northeastern’s Homeland Security and Strategic Intelligence programs, shares his take on the future of disaster preparedness and how aspiring homeland security professionals can prepare.  


March 5, 2019

Natural Disaster Mitigation: Preparing Communities

You can never be too prepared. Get the facts about what it takes to reduce risk with a comprehensive natural disaster mitigation plan.


February 21, 2019

The Future of Emergency Management: Trends to Watch

Explore three emerging trends in emergency management and learn how you can prepare.


February 13, 2019

Homeland Security Professionals: What Do They Do?

Find out what homeland security professionals do and the skills you need to advance in the field.


January 7, 2019

Top Counterterrorism Careers & The Skills Needed

Counterterrorism is a growing field with many career opportunities. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about the field to land your dream role.


November 27, 2017

Working for the UN: A Guide to Getting Started

Are you interested in working for the UN? Here’s everything you need to know, from the skill sets that will make you successful to the types of careers available.


November 7, 2017

What Do Diplomats Do? A Student’s Guide

A diplomat’s career is diverse. Here is a guide to help you learn more about the position, including its benefits, risks, and the skills you need to succeed.


October 31, 2017

8 Unexpected Benefits to Studying Abroad as a Graduate Student

Can you study abroad in grad school? Here are 8 ways studying abroad, especially as a graduate student, can benefit your education and your career.


October 31, 2017

Building a Humanitarian Career: How to Find a Job You Love

Everything you need to know, from what a humanitarian career entails to popular positions you should consider.


October 23, 2017

Gail Marcus: Bringing Global Consulting into the Classroom

Gail Marcus describes her approach to teaching in Northeastern's Global Studies and International Relations program.