Communications & Digital Media

Communication is the key to maintaining strong relationships—in both your personal and professional life. Maintaining effective communications through multiple channels has never been more important. Regardless of the platform, business leaders need to understand how advances in digital media are shaping their industry. Here, we’ve provided relevant articles, tips, interviews, and how-to guides to help you apply these new strategies to your daily communications.

January 18, 2018

The Importance of Cultivating Cultural Awareness at Work

What does it mean to be “culturally aware” and what impact does it have on the workplace? Patty Goodman of Northeastern’s Corporate and Organizational Communication program explains.


January 9, 2018

7 Crisis Communication Tips Every Organization Should Master

What steps should you take if a crisis occurs? Northeastern’s Ed Powers share his tips for how companies should respond.


June 7, 2017

Why I'm Pursuing My Graduate Certificate in Arts Administration

"This type of program combined my career interests in the field of art with my administrative skills," says Northeastern student Gaby Fiorenza.


April 4, 2017

How a Master’s Degree Inspired One Alumna’s Publishing Career

Kathleen Anderson, a graduate of Northeastern's Corporate and Organizational Communication program, describes how she turned her capstone into a book.


March 29, 2017

How One Professor Is Helping Students Become More Effective Communicators

Sabine Amend describes her experience teaching in the Master of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication program.


January 26, 2017

How One Faculty Member Interconnects Art, Design, and Emerging Technologies

"Just because we can do something with technology doesn't mean we should," says Northeastern lecturer Lisa deBettencourt.


September 15, 2016

Why You Should Consider a Career in Technical Writing

What is technical writing and how does it differ from other kinds of content? Northeastern alumna Kate Schneider, a senior technical writer at MadCap Software, explains.


July 21, 2016

Virtual Co-op Evolves Into a Social Platform

Recent graduate Nicole Wild Merl shares how she turned the first virtual co-op within the Northeastern University College of Professional Studies into a social platform empowering women to vote.


June 8, 2016

Faculty Insights: What Do Employers Look for in a New Candidate?

How do you get the attention of a hiring manager in your search for a new job? Learn more from Northeastern Assistant Teaching Professor Patty Goodman.