The Workforce Is Evolving. So Should Your Education.

Achieve more with a Northeastern graduate education.


It’s Experience That Makes the Difference.

A Northeastern University graduate education is different; it’s experiential. You don’t just earn a Northeastern master’s degree, graduate certificate, or doctorate, you gain the hands-on experience you need to advance in your current industry or break into your desired field.

Northeastern offers more than 200 graduate programs—in on-campus, online, and hybrid formats—in a variety of growing industries, including:



Art and Music Administration


Communications and Journalism

Computing and IT

Digital Media and Game Design

Education and Learning


Humanities and Social Sciences

Law and Criminology



Nursing and Healthcare

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Political Science and Security

Psychology and Mental Health

Public Health and Policy

Regulatory Affairs

Science and Mathematics

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Northeastern Master’s Degrees

Northeastern’s master’s degree programs prepare professionals for careers in academia and industry. Our experiential learning opportunities combine classroom study with real-world application, enabling students to gain hands-on experience in a variety of ways—from partnering with employers on short-term projects to collaborating with faculty in one of our state-of-the-art research facilities.

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Northeastern Graduate Certificates

A graduate certificate is optimal for those who want to diversify their skill set or enhance their knowledge in a specific area. Northeastern’s graduate certificate programs feature four to six specialized courses—several of which are offered 100% online. For students who want to further their education, they can then apply those credits earned through their graduate certificate program toward a Northeastern master’s degree.

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Northeastern PhD Programs

Northeastern’s PhD programs are designed for the 21st century. Students study across disciplines and industries to tackle global challenges and opportunities facing fields like health, security, and sustainability. They collaborate alongside distinguished faculty on research that’s innovative and entrepreneurial, while building an invaluable network of like-minded peers dedicated to advancing their field of study.

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Northeastern Professional Doctorates

Northeastern’s professional doctorate programs combine academic coursework with relevant research projects, enabling students to gain deeper industry-specific knowledge that they can apply directly to real-world problems facing their workplace or community. Faculty integrate their own research into the classroom to provide students with industry insights and best practices, that span fields from law and policy to education and nursing.

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At Northeastern, the World Is Your Campus

Whether you’re interested in earning a graduate certificate, master’s degree, or doctorate, you will be connected to a powerful network of more than 230,000 alumni and 3,000-plus employer partners, who span 150 countries and five regional campuses. Discover where a Northeastern graduate education can take you.




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