Maintaining an efficient, effective, and productive organization can be challenging. Now more than ever, proper management skills are needed to navigate daily challenges. Even if your title doesn’t include the word manager, there’s a good chance you’ll be faced with tasks that require effective project management skills. Below, we’ve compiled articles, tips, and how-to guides from the Northeastern community to help grow your management skills and become a better manager.

October 27, 2020

How to Create a Stakeholder Engagement Plan

To keep a project on track, project managers must keep their key stakeholders engaged. That’s where the stakeholder engagement plan comes in.


October 23, 2020

Master’s in Nonprofit Management vs. Public Administration

Earning a degree in either public administration or nonprofit management can prepare you to affect meaningful change. Which degree is right for you?


October 1, 2020

How to Avoid 6 Common Constraints in Project Management

Learn about 6 of the most common constraints in project management, as well as expert advice on how to avoid the risks that come with them.


September 30, 2020

Laws and Regulations Every HR Professional Should Know

All human resources professionals should be familiar with these HR laws and regulations to protect their organizations and employees.


September 23, 2020

What is Human Resources Management: Careers, Skills, Trends

Learn more about the human resource management discipline, including careers, skills, and trends.


September 18, 2020

How to Create a Risk Management Plan for Your Project

Creating a risk management plan is an important step in launching any major project. Here are the steps you should follow to create a risk management plan.


July 24, 2020

How Much Does a Project Manager Make?

Learn more about how much an advanced project management degree and other factors can increase your salary.


July 8, 2020

6 Project Management Trends Emerging in 2023

There are 6 project management trends that project managers should be aware of. Trends in 2022 include a surge in remote work, AI, and more.


May 18, 2020

15 Tips for Managing a Software Project

Software project managers are in high demand and earn a high salary. If you’re looking to move into the field, these 15 tips will help set you up for success.


May 7, 2020

How to Create a Project Communication Plan

Communication can make or break a project. Learn why you need a project communication plan, and what steps you can take to create one.