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The Hottest Vancouver Tech Companies Hiring in 2021

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For years, Toronto has overshadowed the city of Vancouver in terms of overall tech talent in Canada. The bustling metropolis is known worldwide as the third-largest tech market in North America, a title that has attracted an array of high-performing technology organizations and high-talent individuals to the area.

While Toronto still holds this highly regarded position as a top technology hub in the region, however, today it is Vancouver’s tech industry that’s making headlines. In the last five years, Vancouver experienced a 42.6 percent increase in total tech occupations, growing to a whopping 74,700 tech jobs and earning it the title of 12th largest city for tech talent in North America in 2019. This classification represents a monumental jump for Vancouver from 25th place in 2018.

This exponential growth in the city’s technology industry has led to a substantial increase in job opportunities for those with the proper training and background. Alongside the 13,600 new tech jobs added between 2017 and 2018, Vancouver is also expected to add an astounding 83,400 new tech jobs to the market by 2027.

Though there are currently thousands of organizations shaping the landscape of the tech industry in Vancouver today, a few companies rise to the top for hiring potential in 2020. Read on to explore which companies make the list, the types of positions they’re hiring for, and how you can become a competitive candidate within this growing industry.

10 Top Vancouver Tech Companies Hiring in 2020

1. Hootsuite

Vancouver Tech Companies HootsuiteOverview: Hootsuite is a social media platform that helps teams manage their social content more easily through a digital dashboard. The organization is based in Vancouver and has grown substantially since its launch in 2008, boasting over 17 million customers as of 2018. After recently raising an additional $50M in growth capital, the company is looking to expand even further into the market, leading to the addition of many positions in both the Vancouver-based headquarters and in global offices around the world.

Open Positions: Hootsuite is currently hiring for 52 open positions across an array of specialties. The majority of the roles, however, relate to technology and the development of the software needed to run this platform and its various applications. Some of the top open tech positions as of January 2020 include:

Work Environment: The team at Hootsuite is known for being inclusive, passionate, and innovative. The organization is B Corp-certified and strives to create an environment in which its employees can continue to learn and grow. Health and wellness programs, vacation and leaves, and work-from-home policies stand out as highlights of the employee benefits package, alongside exciting perks such as on-campus fitness options, massages, and snacks. 

2. Salesforce

Overview: Salesforce is known worldwide as the number one CRM platform, providing “powerful, connected products for improving [client’s] marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and more.” Since its founding in 1999, the organization has grown exponentially, now employing over 35,000 individuals at locations across both the United States and Canada. While the company as a whole continues to prosper in the tech market, it is the organization’s Canadian presence that is getting the most attention. In 2018, founder, chairman, and co-CEO, Marc Benioff pledged a $2B investment in the company’s Canadian expansion, bringing with it a promise of increased jobs, real estate, and data center capacity for the company’s Toronto and Vancouver locations.

Salesforce Vancouver Tech Companies

Open Positions: Salesforce is currently hiring 1,740 positions across all its offices, including 64 in Canada. Some of the top tech roles available as of January 2020 include:

Work Environment: Salesforce has ranked among the Best Places to Work in Canada since 2018, due in large part to their beautiful campuses, positive company values, and fantastic employee benefits. Perks include, but are not limited to, an above-average 401K match, comprehensive healthcare plans, high internal mobility, up to seven days of paid time off per year to be used specifically for volunteer work, and education reimbursement programs for those hoping to increase their career potential with an advanced degree.

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3. Amazon

Overview: Amazon is known worldwide for its array of tech-based services, including those rooted in e-commerce, digital streaming, and even artificial intelligence. Predicted to be the “most important company of the 2020s,” Amazon’s consistent introduction of new features, subscriptions, and products has allowed the tech-giant to continue growing in both size and impact over the past decade. 

Amazon Vancouver Tech Companies

Amazon hired an additional 716,000 new employees since 2010, landing the organization the title of the second-largest employer in the U.S.—though America isn’t the only region seeing the benefits of Amazon’s success. In Vancouver alone, Amazon employs over 1,000 professionals as of 2019 and is looking to expand to 5,000 by 2022. It is also in the process of building a new office space in the city, which is expected to be completed by mid-2020.

Open Positions: Amazon’s addition of over 4,000 roles within the next three years provides exciting career opportunities for those in the Vancouver area with the corresponding technical skills. As of January 2020, the organization is hiring for 836 roles in this location.

Some of the top open tech positions include:

Work Environment: Amazon has been ranked among the top places to work by LinkedIn for the past three years, breaking into the number one spot in 2018. Contributing to this title is an array of impactful employee benefits, including flexible healthcare options, employee discounts, and a slew of personal support systems such as adoption assistance, unique maternity and paternity leave programs, and even financial counseling services. The company is known for its highly innovative culture, as well as its focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It is also dedicated to employee growth, having pledged to upskill 100,000 employees by 2025 in an effort to help “Amazonians” from a variety of backgrounds obtain the skills necessary to advance into highly technical positions within the organization.

4. Fujitsu

Overview: Fujitsu is a Japanese information and communication technology organization and the seventh-largest IT services provider in the world. According to its website, Fujitsu offers “a full range of technology products, solutions, and services” to customers in 100 countries, and aims to “shape the future” with its work. In July of 2019, this tech-giant opened an international headquarters for artificial intelligence (AI) services in Vancouver—the first of its kind for the company outside of Japan. This move has not only contributed to Vancouver’s emerging reputation as a hub for AI and machine learning, but has also introduced a variety of exciting career opportunities for tech experts living in the region.

Fujitsu Vancouver Tech Companies

Open Positions: Currently, the company is hiring for 24 open positions across Canada, though there is incredible potential for more open roles as Fujitsu continues to establish its Vancouver presence. Some of the current open tech positions include:

Work Environment: Fujitsu employs 150,000 individuals across 100 countries, creating a workforce of diverse professionals from a variety of unique backgrounds. Employees at this organization are exposed to an exciting, international environment, and are often provided with opportunities to travel to or transfer between locations. What’s more, Fujitsu provides comparable healthcare coverage, a 401K match plan, and an education reimbursement program for employees looking to advance their careers with a degree.

5. Microsoft

Microsoft Vancouver Tech Companies

Overview: Microsoft is a technology company that has expanded to touch almost every aspect of its consumers’ digital lives. Top brands that fall under the Microsoft umbrella include Office, Windows, Surface, Xbox, and more. The company is dedicated to innovation and works to mitigate the idea that “technology can and should be a force for good.” Currently, the tech giant is working on an expansion of their Vancouver presence with the addition of a 75,000 square foot office space to be completed by 2020.

Open Positions: The organization is currently hiring for 28 tech-based jobs at Microsoft Vancouver across its various brands, alongside an additional 86 roles throughout Canada. Some of the top tech positions available in January 2020 include:

Work Environment: Microsoft invests heavily in its five core values, including innovation, diversity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility, AI, and trustworthy computing. Alongside flexible work schedules, programs that help employees plan for the future, and extensive health benefits, this organization also offers its employees a variety of trendy perks. On-campus retail shops and services, social clubs and networks, and a plethora of employee resources for professional development are just a few of the benefits that help to set Microsoft apart.

6. SAP Canada 

SAP Canada Vancouver Tech CompaniesOverview: SAP is the “market leader in enterprise application software” that specializes in “helping companies of all sizes and industries run their best.” According to its website, a shockingly high 77 percent of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. This Canadian subsidiary of SAP is based in Toronto, Ontario, but has a research and development presence in multiple Canadian cities. Vancouver specifically is home to the largest Canadian development center, SAP Labs Vancouver, which was originally developed to keep up with the company’s regional growth in the mid-2010s and has since expanded in order to keep up with the influx of tech talent to the area.

Open Positions: SAP employs 3,775 professionals in Canada. It is currently hiring 14 roles in Vancouver as of January 2020, as well as another 66 positions across the rest of its Canadian locations. Top open tech roles at this time include:

Work Environment: In 2019, SAP was voted among the top five best places to work in Canada by Great Place to Work and Canada’s Top 100. These high rankings are due in large part to both the balanced work environment the organization creates and the benefits employees can enjoy. Alongside healthcare coverage, 401K savings plans, and wellness offerings, SAP is invested in their employees’ professional development and offers training programs aimed at ensuring these individuals remain robot-proof in an ever-changing industry.

7. Slack

Slack Vancouver Tech CompaniesOverview: Slack, known for its “collaboration software,” is an in-office instant messaging platform that allows teams to connect in an organized and conversational way. Slack’s clients can organize their instance of the platform in whatever way best fits their teams’ needs, whether that is through the use of project-specific channels, one-on-one discussions, or company-wide communication. Founded in Vancouver in 2009, the organization is now based in San Francisco and employs 1,700 professionals across the globe. Slack has plans to expand its presence in Vancouver in the coming months with the lease of a new 34,000 square foot office space downtown.

Open Positions: Slack currently has 141 positions open across its many global locations, with seven available in Vancouver itself. Some of the top tech positions Slack is hiring for as of January 2019 include:

Work Environment: As a company, Slack considers its employees to be the core of its success. It places value on traits such as empathy, courtesy, playfulness, and solidarity, and has strived to create an environment of positivity throughout its various locations. Ranked as one of Glassdoor’s Top 100 Best Places to Work in 2019, Slack believes that “you do your best work when you feel your best,” and has crafted a unique array of employee benefits to reflect that mission. These include perks such as weekly catered meals, in-office massage therapy, and game nights, alongside a full health coverage plan, flexible parental leave options, and a learning and development budget for each employee hoping to expand their skill sets with an advanced degree.

8. Thinkific

Overview: Thinkific is a digital platform that allows users to “create, market, and sell their own online courses.” The platform currently hosts over 40,000 creators across 164 countries and is known for its ease of use for both the course designers and their audiences. Based in Vancouver, the tech company is looking to expand its local presence with the addition of 60 new roles in their Vancouver location by June 2020.Thinkific Vancouver Tech Companies

Open Positions: Though there will be more open positions to fill in the coming months, Thinkific is currently hiring for 14 roles in its Vancouver location, including:

Work Environment: Since its founding in 2012, this organization has established itself as a prime example of positive workplace culture. Alongside a 4.6 star rating on Glassdoor, Thinkific has been ranked as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures and as an Employee Recommended Workplace in 2019. Top company values include “succeeding together,” “being helpful,” “striving for equality,” and “choosing ethics and integrity,” which each contribute to the overall collaborative vibe of the workplace. Other employee benefits include an open vacation policy, flexible work opportunities, competitive benefits packages, and educational resources for professional development.

9. Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts Vancouver Tech Companies

Overview: Electronic Arts—known more commonly as EA—is a “digital interactive entertainment” organization that specializes in games, content, and online services. With gaming franchises ranging from EA Sports to The Sims, EA has made a name for itself as a global leader in the tech and gaming industries. The company has studios across the globe, including a location in Vancouver, which is home to some of the brand’s largest franchises as well as a few of the organization’s corporate teams.

Open Positions: To keep up with the demand of the gaming and technology industries, EA is currently hiring for 170 open positions in Vancouver alone. Some of the top tech roles available as of January 2020 include:

Work Environment: With core beliefs that revolve around creativity, pioneering, passion, determination, learning, and teamwork, EA has worked to develop an engaging and collaborative environment among employees. The organization emphasizes employee health and wellbeing and provides a slew of fun perks befitting of a company built on gaming. What’s more, family-focused benefits such as maternity and paternity leave, flexible work hours, and childcare resources complement a comfortable paid time off program for those with commitments outside of the office.

10. Traction on Demand

Traction on Demand Vancouver Tech CompaniesOverview: Traction on Demand is a consulting and application development firm that “provides solutions built to enhance the power of the Salesforce platform.” Considered one of North America’s largest groups of Salesforce consultants, the organization’s primary areas of expertise include implementation, development, data analytics, enablement, and consulting. With offices across North America—as well as in several global locations—this organization strives to create positive employee experiences. As of 2019, Traction on Demand employs a team of over 700 professionals, though this number is expected to increase due to the company’s recent receipt of its first external financial investment, which is set to be put toward driving the company’s “aggressive expansion” in 2020.

Open Positions: Currently, Traction on Demand has many positions open across its various locations, including 55 available roles in Vancouver itself. Some of the top tech roles the company is currently hiring for include:

Work Environment: Traction on Demand focuses on the people that make up its teams, placing their experiences ahead of the processes and technology that define their daily work. This emphasis on employees has earned the organization the coveted “Best Workplace in Canada” title in 2019, after six years of ranking in the top ten. Contributing to this title are Traction on Demand’s impressive employee benefits, which include flexible work options, at least three weeks of vacation time, and an array of employee training opportunities—including tuition subsidies—for those looking to advance their career with continued education. 

Setting Yourself Up For Success With a Master’s Degree from Northeastern

As Vancouver continues to grow as a tech hub in Canada, the job market will become saturated with qualified professionals looking for work. For this reason, individuals hoping to gain employment at one of these notable Vancouver tech companies should take the necessary steps to differentiate themselves from others in the field.

One of the most strategic ways to do this is to enroll in a Master of Science in Computer Science program at a top university like Northeastern. This program is offered in five of Northeastern’s regional locations, including on-ground in Vancouver itself. Professionals who participate will have the chance to learn advanced CS skills from industry-leading faculty, network with fellow professionals, and apply their skills hands-on within many of the top tech companies on this list and beyond. Through the pursuit of this advanced training, graduates can set themselves apart in the competitive Vancouver job market, and successfully land one of the coveted roles in the lucrative tech industry.

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