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Join us online for our graduate open house, March 5-7. Register today.

Industry Advice

When it comes to understanding your preferred industry of interest, it’s important to learn the trends and guidelines from current and former industry professionals. At Northeastern, faculty members regularly answer the question: How do I find industry advice? With real-world experience and expertise, Northeastern faculty members weave real-world experience into the classroom. Here, we’ve compiled advice, articles, and how-to-guides to help guide your path toward learning more about your industry.

November 10, 2020

What Does a Data Analyst Career Path Look Like?

Looking for information about the typical data analyst’s career path? Here’s a look at the common route, as well as tips you can use to advance your career.


November 9, 2020

How to Become a Certified Project Manager

Why does a certification matter? Northeastern associate teaching professor Joe Griffin explains the importance of becoming certified.


November 5, 2020

6 In-Demand Skills for HR Professionals

From analytics to strategic workforce planning, these skills will help you excel in an HR career.


November 3, 2020

What Does a Pharmaceutical Scientist Do?

Pharmaceutical scientists perform research to aid in the discovery and development of therapeutics. Here’s a closer look at what the job entails.


November 2, 2020

What to Expect from Regulatory Affairs Courses

A robust regulatory affairs curriculum gives students the foundational knowledge they need for success.


October 30, 2020

How Hard is it to Get a Computer Science Degree?

With hard work and access to the right resources, getting a computer science degree isn’t as hard as you might think.


October 28, 2020

7 Popular Nonprofit Management Careers

Considering a nonprofit career? In purpose-driven organizations, an advanced degree unlocks top jobs and salaries.


October 27, 2020

How to Create a Stakeholder Engagement Plan

To keep a project on track, project managers must keep their key stakeholders engaged. That’s where the stakeholder engagement plan comes in.


October 26, 2020

How to Address Ethical Issues in Human Subjects Research

From informed consent to patient safety to the benefit to society, there are many principles that protect the well-being of participants in medical studies.


October 23, 2020

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Finance?

A master of science in finance can open the door to exciting finance careers, as well as attractive salary potential and employment growth.